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I think the property is good. submitted by Hilary L. - |Recommended: YesI love the location. I love the apartment itself. The maintenance people seem to get to things pretty quickly which is great. But the process of getting a lease with the apartment and any changes that might need to go into the lease is an extremely confusing and annoying process.
Unapologetically Incompetentsubmitted by Lance M. - |Recommended: NoI split time between my girlfriend's apartment building 2 blocks away, managed by Bozzuto , and this building, managed by Paradigm. The Meridian at Gallery Place is inferior in every respect. 1 Staff in both the leasing office and at the concierge desk are a horrible combination of rude and incompetent. A few examples. On September 15th I received a letter slipped under my door that the building was planning to sue me the following morning for unpaid rent unless I paid the unpaid balance on the account by noon on the 16th. Two problems A there was no unpaid rent--rent was paid in full and then some, see B' , and the payment was on time. The building had misplaced a rent check. B The amount was wrong. Despite giving over the 30 days of required notice that we were canceling our parking, the building was still charging us for it. I suppose to their credit the building investigated the issue But there was no apology--not even a flippant sorry.' As I mentioned, I split time between apartments, so I am frankly lucky that I happened to be home that day. If I hadn't been there I would have apparently had to deal with getting a case dismissed in landlord tenant court all because the building is not good at their job. Here's another example I have not received mail at my apartment for several weeks. I asked the concierge why this was going on hard to explain why this makes sense, but the concierge office is basically the mailroom . They told me that I should be getting mail, but maybe check with the leasing office. I asked back at the leasing office and they told me that I should be getting mail, but maybe check with the concierge. I checked with the concierge again, and was told that it was simply a matter of me not receiving any mail. I then received a few e-mails from friends asking why I hadn't responded to wedding invitations. I went back to the concierge head concierge this time , and he said oh, your apartment has been marked for no mail delivery. They must have thought you moved out. As you might have guessed, I haven't moved out. But again -- no apologies, nor any efforts by anyone to help me fix the issue. It is just non-stop passing the buck. 2 The walls are pretty good--I don't hear my neighbors through the walls usually. However, I can hear them through my front door and the windows. 3 The overall appearance of the place is usually decent, but pretty much every weekend gets considerably worse after the Georgetown law students party and leave beer cans and bottles in the stairwells and elevator there's lots of pregaming in the building . 4 Speaking of the Georgetown law students, they're the worst. The building has a clubroom, right But you can't talk in it without getting yelled at by studying law students. Hey, 1Ls, guess what your law library is like a block away. Use it. Or, I dunno, use your apartment. Not the clubroom. The only time the students allow others to use it is for holidays. But then they trash it, and the building shuts down the room this happened over July 4th. The clubroom had a nice view of the fireworks, but the building wouldn't let anybody in because Georgetown students trashed it earlier in the day . 5 The concierge folks are really good at not letting non-residents into the building. Except for the homeless, which I have repeatedly found sleeping in the stairwell. 6 You can read about sunrooms elsewhere. Newsflash a room made entirely of glass has no insulation. The Bozzuto property I mentioned is better in every respect. Go live at one of those.
response from property -Hi Lance, Thank you for your review and for sharing your concerns with us. We are dismayed to hear that you have had such a negative experience while residing in our community and want to offer our sincerest apologies. Our property manager has attempted to contact you regarding this review so that he can better understand all of your concerns and work to alleviate some of your frustrations. Please reach out to him at your earliest convenience at 202-326-0000. Sincerely, Taryn S.
One of the worst places I have ever lived. submitted by Shenaz H. - |Recommended: NoNot even sure where to start. I used to live on the 10th floor. Neighbors next door had a dog that barked all day long. I could drop a piece of paper in the hallway and the dog would bark for 3 hours straight. I complained for months with no resolution. I could not handle it anymore and decided to move. I chose to stay in the bldg against my better judgement cuz I thought this would be an isolated problem and I didnt want to deal with the moving costs of moving across town. So I moved to a different floor within the bldg. Instantly started hearing ridiculously annoying pipe noises coming from the ceilings. Complained over 10 times. Maintenance came out to look. They first pretended like it was nothing. Then after several more complaints, they came out again and agreed that they heard the noise but they said they couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Basically saying there was no fix. I have been dealing with this now for 6 months. I have to keep the central fan on at all times or the kitchen fan on or a sound machine to be able to sleep at night to drown out the noise of the pipe or whatever it is in the ceiling. This is absolutely not acceptable. My electricity bills have gone up significantly because i always have to keep a fan on. My neighbors in my second apartment are potheads. They smoke weed all day long and the smell of weed seeps into the hallways and into my apartment. They play their music so loud, my walls vibrate. This is not ok. I have complained about this repeatedly. Absolutely nothing has been done to fix this matter. The property manager said 3 months ago that he was going to send out a bldg notice about the smoking. He stated that although weed is now legal in DC, it is still ok to be in public spaces like hallways etc. No bldg notice or letter was ever sent out. I am tired of complaining about things that never get fixed. When I called to complain about this one wkd, the leasing office staff told me there was nothing that could be done about this since its a wkd. And that I would have to wait til monday and they told me the property manager would get back to me on monday and that never happened either. As I sit here typing this, I can hear the music from my neighbors. and I can hear every kitchen cupboard they bang shut. thats how much you can hear from the walls. The elevators have no air. Or they are too cheap to turn the air conditioning on in the elevators. When you have to be in there for 13 floors, and there is no air, it gets very uncomfortable. Many people have complained about this but nothing has been resolved. I am also going to post this review on apartment websites so consumers are aware of what they are getting into. I wish I knew all this before moving here.
response from property -Thank you for your review and for sharing your concerns with us. We understand your frustrations and apologize for any inconvenience they may have caused. Our property manager has reached out to you regarding your concerns, however, should you have further questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact him at 202-326-0000.
Meridian at Gallery Place reviewsubmitted by Allyson B. - |Recommended: YesSo far, I have really enjoyed living here and the leasing office was very helpful.
Leasing Officesubmitted by Robert G. - |Recommended: NoGreat apartment building to live in with great people, but dealing with the leasing office is often a hassle. They are not very quick at processing paperwork and in my experience are not that accommodating. You would think when you are trying to give them business and sign a lease they would act a bit differently than what they actually do. Once through the leasing process though the renting experience is great in my opinion.
Excellent submitted by Samantha F. - |Recommended: YesVery young, very clean, very friendly
Very comfortable convenient submitted by Sarah M. - |Recommended: YesVery convenient. Friendly staff. Great amenities.
The property is lovely submitted by Eleanor C. - |Recommended: YesIt is welcoming and fun. I have met a great group of people and everyone is nice, employee and resident
Very average below averagesubmitted by Jackie - |Recommended: NoExtremely over-priced for the area and the units themselves. Nothing has been upgraded. You can find something in a better area nice apartment for a very similar price. The main issue I have with them is their staff. All of the people at the reception desk are very friendly however I cannot say the same for the leasing office. They will try to over charge you for everything and unless you follow up 5 times to get the money you are owed back, you won't get it. They added an extra month charge onto my rent even after multiple email correspondence of when I was moving out not to mention the key was returned to them . We had a lot of difficulties when we were first renting out the apartment as well. They force you to give notice 60 days in advance. Planned to stay however had a last minute job transfer to a different city. They did not work with me at all and forced me to pay the additional days. I would absolutely NOT recommend to a friend. Much better options in DC.
I like the property. Nice place to live.submitted by Henry D. - |Recommended: YesThe only thing I do not like about living here is that my billing each month always has something wrong with it and that is very frustrating.
I am very satisfiedsubmitted by Rebecca S. - |Recommended: YesGreat amenities, fairly responsive staff. Maintenance completes your request within a day or two. Expensive, but if you share an apartment it's a decent deal for what you get in the area
Oksubmitted by Hayley P. - |Recommended: NoPositive experience with maintenance staff and security staff. Overpriced for area based on interior of building, upgrades to units, amenities and construction of building. For similar prices, the surrounding buildings are much nicer and newer.
Not badsubmitted by Mark K. - |Recommended: YesNice building, leasing office needs work
response from property -Hi Mark, Thank you for taking the time to submit a review and letting us know your concerns. Our property manager will be reaching out to you today to discuss your review and how we can improve our customer service. We look forward to speaking with you soon. Sincerely, Taryn S.
Okaysubmitted by Connor P. - |Recommended: NoNot very friendly, poor service. Ask for reviews that aren't anonymous...
response from property -Hi Connor, We appreciate you taking the time to review us and giving us an opportunity to try to mend this relationship. We strive to offer only the best customer service and if you have received anything less we want to sincerely apologize. Our property manager will be reaching out to your directly about your experience so that we may truly understand all of your concerns. Sincerely, Taryn S.
Like it submitted by Melissa B. - |Recommended: YesIt's great Perfect location